Carl Gustaf 3000 in 6.5X55


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  • Very good condition
  • Excellent bore
  • Comes with one detachable magazine
  • Aftermarket recoil pad
  • Adjustable open sights
  • 23.5 inch barrel
  • 6.5×55

The CG3000 (or Sauer 90) is a serious contender for “smoothest action in the world”. It can be open when locked with the same thumb movement as an X-Bolt. It features a glass smooth non rotating bolt with no visible lugs and a unique trigger on rollers. This is the rotary engine of the bolt action world: engineers showing off what they can do, just because they can.


  • Très bonne condition
  • Excellent canon
  • Chargeur détachable
  • Coussin de recul ajouté
  • Mires ouvertes ajustables
  • Canon de 23.5 pouces
  • 6.5×55