Husqvarna 1900 in 30-06


In stock


  • Very good to excellent condition
  • Excellent bore
  • Some scratches on the wood
  • Hinged floorplate magazine
  • 30-06

It is hard to imagine a better push feed action. Its closest relative is probably the T3, but it is a smoother and safer action with an equally good adjustable trigger.  It retains the massive steel bolt shroud of it’s distant ancestor the Mauser 98. This rifle is still being made today by Antonio Zoli as a high end offering. As a testament to its quality, the most expensive rifle ever made was built around this action.

  • Condition très bonne à excellente
  • Excellent canon
  • Il y a des égratignures sur le bois
  • Chargeur interne ouvrant par le bas
  • 30-06