The Great North Coach Gun – 2022 Edition


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  • Good to very good condition
  • Good to very good bores
  • Made from used European SxS actions, hand selected for mechanical condition. Features a barrel cut a bit over 18 inches with a bead
  • All are hammerless and have double triggers
  • All extractor guns
  • Much shorter than an 18 inch barreled pump shotgun. It’s as long as a 14 inch barreled pump shotgun but lighter and less loud.
  • Priced per unit. The picture is representative of the overall condition.
  • 12ga x 2 3/4

No generic brands. All these are from good European name brands (Husqvarna, Sauer/Simson/Merkel, Brno) and are inspected for good function. Bluing and finish wear is possible, and barrel dents that don’t affect function. Any cracks are repaired. All have sling swivels so you can carry them. Blast away!

They are very well cut and finished for good patterning.

Outdated description below for historical interest.



All grades come with double triggers and extractors and have no hammers. Hammer guns, single trigger guns and ejector guns will be sold separately.

Grade I 

The grade I Coach Gun is the basic grade, made from good condition SxS shotguns.

Once the gun is checked for quality, condition and function, it is cut, then recrowned and cold blue is applied as a finishing touch.

Grade II 

These are made from very good condition shotguns from reputable brands. Because of the nature of 20th century European gun manufacturing, this may include well made SxS shotguns from a small shop you haven’t necessarily heard of if you are not well versed in this field (usually from a place with a strong gun making tradition and famous for having hundreds of small makers like Suhl or Brescia). In addition to being made from better guns, there is the additional step of installing a bead.

Professionals who are shopping for a gun to depend on should buy a Grade II gun, give it a deep cleaning and pattern it.

Can I order a gun with another barrel length?  

Coach Guns are cut just a bit longer than 18” as a protection against zealous interpretations of the law, and to leave some leeway in case of future muzzle damage.

Other barrel lengths are possible, and you can order normally and write your barrel length request in the order notes. Those will need to be backordered as we only keep stock of 18” guns.

A popular choice is 20”, as it is a good compromise for improved handling.


Can you coach gun my gun? 

We can do custom jobs above grade II if you provide the firearm, usually this means closing the barrel gap with a carefully inletted piece of blued steel. If you buy a shotgun from the store and pick the option to have it coach gunned before shipping, it cannot be returned once modified.

Why is there no bead on the Grade I?

Beads are overrated, even more so on a SxS, and even more so on cylinder barrels.

The absence of a bead may actually help you shoot better since many shotgun beginners (and some not so beginners) try to aim their shotguns.

What else is underrated? Cylinder bores. Many people severely underestimate how they pattern. The best choke for an upland gun is Improved Cylinder, which isn’t too far from a cylinder bore. With the better ammunition we have today, the overly tight chokes of vintage guns are becoming less needed.  During a trip where I lived on squirrels and bannock I have made impressive shots with the very first Great North Coach Gun, a gun that one of you now has.

Mostly for time reasons, I do not make coach guns myself anymore, I have an “assembly line” where different steps are done by different people of corresponding skill.

High skill operations are done by an amateur gunsmith whose work has earned him more than 800 good reviews on a popular gun forum.

We can offer those guns at incredible prices notably by grouping them in one ad and avoiding the time intensive step of selling guns individually. Compare the price of cold war era European Side by Sides with the prices of new imports of lesser quality. The Grade II Coach Gun is one of the best values on the Canadian market.